1/22: Introduction

Hello everybody!

My name is Hiba Shahid. I am a junior and an accounting student from Peter J. Tobin College of Business. I am a commuter at St. John’s University and currently residing at Long Island. The reason I came to St. John’s University is because of the vast diversity there is and the amazing programs they have to offer for the students. My interest are reading, drawing, henna tattoo drawing, spending time with family and friends, traveling, photography, meeting new people, and having intellectual discussions.

My current situation as an accounting major is deciding whether I want to work in the auditing field or become a tax accountant. I recently took an interesting and insightful tax class last semester and it helped me clarify my decision and my future a bit. Therefore, in five years I am hoping to see myself as a successful tax accountant working for one of the Big 4 firms.

I am a HUGE avid reader. I love to read during my free time. Reading takes me to places that I would never be able to to go and gives me the opportunities to explore difference lifestyles. When I first signed up for this class, I honestly didn’t know what the class was going to be about. When I found out that we will be focusing on Gothic literature, I was pretty excited for this class and the kinds of books we will be reading. I am really looking forward to meeting and learning about you all through your blogs and I cannot wait to see what this class have in store for us!


3 thoughts on “1/22: Introduction

  1. Welcome Hiba! Wow–henna tattoo drawing–very cool. I always admire how beautiful and intricate it is!

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  2. justinalick says:

    Isn’t the juxtaposition between Abraham Lincoln, an American President and mythical vampires a marvel. Who would think to create a book on such a premise.


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