1/26: “So long as this country is cursed with slavery so too will it be cursed with vampires”- Abraham Lincoln, ALVH

Before I started reading this book, I didn’t know what to expect other than guessing that Abraham Lincoln hunts vampires just by reading the title. As soon as I started reading the book, I was immediately interested in what was going on and was looking forward to seeing what will be happening  regarding vampires which I believed was pretty odd yet cool to incorporate it with a story of Abraham Lincoln.

During the first part of the book, Seth Grahame-Smith explains various things that were going on with Abraham Lincoln as he was growing up that he have gotten from his journal. From facing to hunt a turkey and promising himself to never doing it again after feeling guilty about it (which I found it ironic since he eventually does become a hunter of different specie…), to death of his mother and learning what main reason was from is distant father, Abraham Lincoln ends up becoming a strong and passionate vampire hunter. Towards the end of part one, after witnessing what was happening to the slaves in New Orleans, Abraham Lincoln states in his journal, “So long as this country is cursed with slavery so too will it be cursed with vampires” (114). In this quote, Seth Grahame-Smith makes an interesting connection between the slavery and vampirism. Both the slave owners and vampires purchase the slave for the same reason which is need.  Slave owners make a profit off from the life and usage of their slaves which is much similar to vampires using slaves by feeding on the blood to sustain their “life”. This is the reason why the novel chooses to make a connection so closely between slavery and vampirism because they both serve the same purpose. Along with that, we all know that slavery is wrong and unethical and drinking blood of human beings is wrong and immoral. Therefore, it demonstrates the crime and immortality that both share. The analogy perfectly worked well when we see that the slave owner buys a bundle of slaves without a careful selection or reason whereas it seems forced when Abraham Lincoln states the quote, providing an example of foreshadowing of how the way slavery ended is the same way how vampirism will end.

When I think of vampires, the first thing that pops up to my head is “Twilight” which is probably the most obvious one that anyone can think of. Other than that, vampires have been used often in a political form. People often describe the government and politicians as vampires since they are who sucks the blood out of capitalism as you can see in the picture below of Obama (President) sucking the life of the Statue of Liberty (Capitalism).


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5 thoughts on “1/26: “So long as this country is cursed with slavery so too will it be cursed with vampires”- Abraham Lincoln, ALVH

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the novel so far. I’d like to reblog (to our main site) that political cartoon, if you don’t mind…

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  3. hibashahid says:

    Yes sure, go ahead, I don’t mind!


  4. Hiba,

    I enjoyed reading your analysis of the famous quote from Abraham Lincoln. It was very interesting how you connected the wrongful and immoral actions of slavery and drinking blood of humans. Both acts are inhumane and are punishable. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed your photograph of Obama (President) sucking the blood of the statue of liberty (Capitalism). I find it very interesting why the media consistently uses vampires as a form of symbolism to portray what is really going on in the US. Thanks!

    Mark DiFrangia


  5. Hi Hiba! I really liked how you analyzed the quote from Lincoln’s journal. The way that you were able to explain how slavery and vampire are similar and immoral was very interesting to read. I also really enjoyed the political cartoon of President Obama sucking the blood of The Statue of Liberty. Your analysis of the cartoon was symbolizing capitalism was very creative.


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