1/29: Facts and Fiction of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

After reading the second part of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Seth Grahame-Smith mixes fact with fiction and edited the original images in order to complement the story which I believe he did a good job at. At first, I thought how would it be possible to incorporate vampires to the story of Abraham Lincoln but Seth Grahame-Smith definitely showed that it is possible. When I first thought how the story might come out mixing facts and fiction, I thought it would sound very silly. Instead, Seth Grahame-Smith did a good job making the story sound realistic and an intriguing book to read without having a childish comical effect. He skillfully blended historical fact with a fun fictional account of Lincoln as a hunter of vampires. There were several moments where I believed the mix of fact and fiction was pretty interesting to me in the book.abraham_lincoln__vampire_hunter_by_derekblairart-d53p723

One of the mixes of fact and fiction that I found interesting is Lincoln befriending Edgar Allen Poe. The real Lincoln was a fan of Poe’s works of poetry and fiction, but the two gentlemen never met in real life. Below is the picture of Poe and Lincoln.

Another one is the photo of the auction Negro slaves. This did sadly happened in real life outside of Atlanta, Georgia. According to the book, the sponsors of the slave actions are vampires. If you look closely to the picture, you can tell by the way the people (vampires) wear dark glasses to protect their eyes from the sun.  Seth Grahame-Smith definitely did an excellent job making the pictures realistic. If I have never done my research, I definitely would have believed this photo is real and authentic!

I found this picture online which I found it to be quite funny. This picture is the fusion of Abraham Lincoln being a vampire slayer as he chases Edward, a vampire from Twilight. I believed it was funny itself with having to edit anything myself. This is basically what I thought how the book would be before I started reading it. Boy was I wrong!


One thought on “1/29: Facts and Fiction of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

  1. It will be interesting to think back to Lincoln when we read Poe. I like the images you found…


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