4/27: “The Passage” by Justin Cronin (Part V)

The significant of the title, “The Passage” is very important and describes story of the novel. The title describes and portrays the characters’ journeys and their journey to escape from death from a world that is overtaken by the virals. The “passage” is a place where the characters believe is the place of survival and security which they deeply yearn to go to. Another way I interpret the title is the transitioning from one state to another which according to the novel, from being a human being to becoming a viral.

Looking at different perspectives of each characters, it seems like the “the passage” did change throughout the text when really, they all want the same thing. The human beings want the things to go back to normal where the human race isn’t diminishing. Their journey started out from being safe from the virals at the Colony to then wishing the human race won’t end due to the virals’ animalistic behavior. Same goes for the virals. They felt trapped and also yearned to go “home” which is going back to living like a normal human being and not trapped in a body forever.

The image below is an image I believe would make a good cover art for the film. When a person turns into a viral, they lose their memory and identity. They feel trapped and cannot reach the ultimate satisfaction of living when the constant thought of who they are is all they wonder.


2 thoughts on “4/27: “The Passage” by Justin Cronin (Part V)

  1. justinalick says:

    I love the image! It reminds me of the the pixies song “Where is my mind?”


  2. I definitely agree with you that the journey seems to change during the novel. The journey ultimately means different things to the two different groups in the novel; The virals and the regular people. The image that you have chosen is a great image showing that people are constantly trying to figure out who they are and what they want their path to be.


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