4/30: “The Passage” by Justin Cronin (Part VI)

Compared to Cronin’s work, the movie, “Daybreakers” (2009), offers an interesting insight into a world populated by vampiric beings. The vampires in the movie are very different to the ones seen in Cronin’s work, as they are very self aware begins that have a society that almost mirrors that of humanity. However the key difference in the world of “Daybreakers” is the concept that these beings must have a sufficient enough amount of blood in their diet, or they descend into a much feral form consciousness and turn into creatures that are very near to being completely primitive. While understanding that the number of humans is slowly decreasing and blood is a diminishing resources, (an almost satirical look at the depletion of various resources on earth), it is revealed that there is a flourishing economy on the sale of a blood substitute, which while claiming to be looking for a way to make a blood substitute which will help with the depletion of the natural resource, there are large companies who actually do not want a perfect substitute found, but rather a lucrative business idea of the sale of pure blood as an economic tool. The two works can be compared with the idea that while Cronin’s work focuses more on the understanding about ones true nature and what it means to be human, “Daybreakers” chooses to accept the idea that while humanity can possibly grow into a more advanced race, it will never let go of it frivolous philosophy of economic superiority.


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